KNOWWHY Global Research is a research organisation carrying out research about the impact of globalisation on social sciences and humanities.

The research outcomes of KNOWWHY provide internationally working academics, national and international science policies, research foundations and other scientific organisations with knowledge about international social science approaches international research practices and international science Policies.

Research of KNOWWHY contains:

1. International social science and humanities approaches

International concepts of scientific knowledge and science
Missions of social sciences
Epistemological and methodological challenges
Global interrelations of social science research communities
Social science communities in developing regions and advanced countries

2. International scientific collaboration practices 

International research agendas and agenda setting
International scientific collaborations approaches
Comparative methodologies for an international knowledge production
Research management knowledge for international research teams
Lingua franca communication in international research teams

3. Science policies for international collaborations 

International science policy concepts and approaches
Funding organisations for international research
Knowledge accumulation structures for transnational research